How to Decopatch & Decoupage

All you need to be a Decopatcher is the object you’re going to cover (and it works on anything), some glue varnish and a selection of our gorgeous papers. Follow our easy step by step guide below and before you know it you’ll be Decopatching everything in sight.

Choose your object – it could be anything! This is one of our large giraffes.

Cut or tear your paper in to small pieces, approximately large stamp size. Cut pieces will give a patchwork affect, torn pieces are more fluid. Try to keep your patterns together so you can find them easily, and give yourself a good supply.

Paint some glue onto your object, making sure you cover an area bigger than the paper pieces. Be generous!

Use your brush to pick up a piece of paper and place it on the glued area. Hold it for a moment or two to let the glue stick.

Using the glue left on your brush, paint a thin coat over the paper, making sure all the edges are stuck down. This will dry clear, so don’t worry!

Repeat steps 3-5 until your object is completely covered. Check there are no bare patches – they’ll become more obvious as the glue dries.

You can use sparkles and patchliner relief paint to enhance your project.

Leave the glue to dry to a glossy, clear finish and you will see your masterpiece.  Hey presto, you’re a Decopatcher!

Now you can start to look around for your next project. We’ve had Decopatchers do a bike, a car, a fridge and a tortoise hutch – can you top that??